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Episode 82: Leading with Compassion, Empathy & Experience in the Field of Ayurveda

March 17, 2021

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Ingrid is the founder & owner of Bohemia Soul Spa. She is a certified Ayurveda Specialist, Esthetician & Community Service Worker.

Ingrid decided to go back to her East Indian roots & rediscover Ayurveda. She left her career as a Social worker & began travelling. This landed her in Bali, Belize & Bareberyn Reef in Sri Lanka. A beautiful retreat where she decided to pursue her passion! Through extensive training at Arhanta Ayurveda & later attending Elegance Schools to become an Ayurvedic Specialist & licensed Esthetician. It was then, Bohemia Soul Spa was born. She opened a space in Old South, London, ON. Here, she offers ancient Ayurvedic therapies & consultations. 

Ingrid guides women through the importance of Ayurveda and how women can re-awaken their divine femininity & connect with their Dharma (life purpose).

Let her guide you through this beautiful self loving journey & experience the profound transformation Ayurveda has to offer, namaste!

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