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Episode 87: The Determined Entrepreneur: How Adversity Developed an Intentional Leader

April 2, 2021

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Richard Moore originally worked 60-hour weeks in the City of London, before deciding to build his own businesses and help others do the same.

After building companies from the trenches up, by taking ownership of sales teams, coaching leadership roles and consulting with multi-hundred million-pound organisations, Richard created his own company to help others get massive traction as they launched their businesses.

As he did this, Richard invested in many of the companies he helped to create and shared with the world his views on business, through the weekly live Q&As he runs online, to university lectures and speaking gigs in front of business owners in his space. Richard also created products such as the Basics of Sales course and the LinkedIn Client Accelerator programme. He also directly mentors established businesses using his 17+ years of experience in the space.

Richard has recently brought to life the Entrepreneur Business Live events series. Operating across the globe, in London, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Melbourne, Barcelona and many more cities, “EBLive” has been rewriting the way networking events are built and are able to “do good”. By creating a community first and then providing them with world class speakers, a networking space and making donations to approved Charity Partners, impact is being felt not just by those that attend but also those less able; served by charities.

Richard has since been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc, Thrive, Influencive, Humans 2.0 Podcast and many others.











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