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Episode 32 - How Nursing Lead The Way Through Trauma & Grief

September 9, 2020

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Toni Lontis is dedicated to helping women all over the world and the men who love them.

She is a change-maker dedicated to seeing a change with how we view some of the tougher subjects and she isn’t afraid to speak up.

Spending her time working with some great causes and fellow change-makers, this last year has been a big one including having her own radio show on the w4wn and featured articles in Ymag.

Toni lives on a small acreage property in the hinterland adjacent to the pristine beaches of Queensland’s Gold Coast, Australia. She lives with her husband and an assortment of dogs, goats, llamas, ducks, and chickens and enjoys long visits from her two adult children, their partners, and her grandson.

Toni was a nurse who formerly worked as a nurse consultant in her own company, before retiring to pursue her dream of writing a book or three.

Toni grew up on a rural property in the middle of nowhere. After completing her nursing training in regional Queensland, she spent the next 30 years working as a nurse in a variety of roles from clinical nursing to management, culminating with the formation of her own company in 2012. As a nurse consultant, for her own consulting company, she provided Safety and Quality support to small hospitals across the country. Her work involved process management, clinical management, and lots of health-based writing.

Her creative writing journey did not commence until 2018 with her first book, Resilience.  A memoir that details her struggle with depression, anxiety, and trauma in her life and how she overcomes this to lead a healthy, happy fulfilling life.  She is passionate about self-awareness, self-improvement, and being the best person, she can be.

Her second book, when its written, Whole Again, details the strategies she used to ensure her own healing and personal growth.  Her deep desire to inspire people with her story of struggle and overcoming trauma and sees her speaking around the country and overseas.

When she’s not writing you can find her talking to her beloved goats, laughing with her husband, or enjoying time with her wee grandson. An avid gardener and small farm hobbyist, her next book will be on the joys of owning goats and small-scale hobby farm self-sustainability.

A writer by day and an avid Facebook scanner by night, she is loath to discuss herself in the third person but can be persuaded to do so from time to time.

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